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Health Medicine Center
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Health Medicine is designed to merge the miraculous technology of modern medicine with the wisdom of ancient healing systems —
through clinical practice, research and education for patients, physicians, practitioners and the public.
Our practitioners guide you through progressive stages of healing, from acute care to maintenance and preventive self care.


Meet Our Physicians and Practitioners
Len Saputo, MD 
Medical Director

Internal Medicine, Orthomolecular Medicine,
Pain Management with Infrared Light


Dr. Saputo graduated from UC Berkeley and Duke University Medical School. Board certified in Internal Medicine, he has been in private practice at John Muir Medical Center from 1971 to 2004. Len is a pioneer in bridging the gap between mainstream and "the new" Complementary and Alternative Medicine. He is the founder of the Health Medicine Forum, a nonprofit educational foundation, and the Health Medicine Center, and co-founder of the Health Medicine Institute for Research in Lafayette, California. Dr. Saputo is a motivational speaker, radio show host with his wife Vicki, and the author of many books and articles.

Among other publications and papers, Len is the author of
"A Return to Healing — Radical Health Care Reform and the Future of Medicine"
with Byron Belitsos

Tiffany Baer, MD
Internal Medicine, Holistic Medicine, Anthroposophical Medicine


Dr. Tiffany Baer received her board certification in Internal Medicine (in 2000) and Holistic Medicine (2002). Since she was a teenager, Dr. Baer has been interested in philosophy, spirituality and healing arts. Her intention before entering medical school was to bridge spiritual healing arts with conventional medicine. In May 2013, she completed a five year post graduate medical training in Anthroposophical Medicine. In 2010, she started a part time private practice specializing in Anthroposophical Medicine. Dr. Baer’s approach begins with a holistic view of each patient which integrates their body, soul and spirit.
Marcia Stone, Lac, PhDc, CHT
Acupuncture, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Wellness Coaching


Marcia Stone is a licensed acupuncturist with broad training and expertise in various modalities and specialties. Her sessions are personalized and her practice is guided by patients’ needs not preset protocols. She has an MS and Lac in Asian Medicine, certifications in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Wellness Coaching, Reiki Training, and Tui Na therapeutic massage. Most importantly, she brings skilled, gentle hands, receptivity, diagnostic acuity, and compassion to her personalized sessions.

Health Medicine Center
1620 Riviera Ave
Walnut Creek, CA  94596

Tel: (925) 935-7500
FAX: (925) 935-7770