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To schedule a Cardio Pulmonary Exercise Test (CPET), please download and fill out the CPET registration forms and mail, fax or e-mail them back to our office. Our contact information can be found below and on the CPET registration form.

As soon as Doctor Saputo signs off on your intake forms, we will contact you to schedule your appointment.

You'll receive a report at the end of the test. The report will provide in-depth information about your metabolic and overall physical health. You can schedule a separate 15-minute appointment with Dr. Saputo to discuss the results of the test. This appointment is not part of the test fee and will be billed separately.

If you are a new patient at HMC, and would like a consultation with Dr. Saputo, we'll help you schedule an appointment.

The cost is $399.00 per test, and is not billable to insurance. Medicare patients must sign a waiver to acknowledge that this test cannot be submitted to Medicare by Dr. Saputo or the patients, themselves. Private insurance patients can ask for a copy of the superbill.

Cardio Pulmonary Exercise Testing

For additional information, see:
CPET Preparation
CPET Registration Forms
Article: Unlocking the Power of Oxygen

CPET bikeWe are excited to announce pulmonary function and modified cardiac stress testing here at Health Medicine Center.
This test will give you a comprehensive evaluation of your:
  • Oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production
    • Oxygen consumption directly determines mitochondrial production ATP production
    • Carbon dioxide production determines fat metabolism
  • Optimum carbohydrate intake is determined by the ratio of oxygen consumption to carbon dioxide production
  • Thyroid function
  • Lung function
  • Cardiovascular capacity
  • Defects in ATP production
  • Overall fitness and strength
  • Your optimum exercise level

We are using the latest and advanced technology, called the Quark CPET (Cardio Pulmonary Exercise Testing).
The Quark CPET is ideal for the assessment of the physiological response to exercise. Its high quality components and super-fast analyzers assure unsurpassed accuracy, reliability and real breath-by-breath analysis of pulmonary gas exchange, even at high intensity exercises.

Our Quark CPET equipment comes with a fully integrated 12-lead ECG Stress Testing, Canopy Nutritional Assessment, Pulse Oximetry and a wide range of ergometers.

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Oxygen article

"No Disease Ever!
Unlocking the Power of Oxygen

by Frank Shallenberger, MD, HMD
CPET and thyroid function Hypothyroidism with Normal Blood Tests
Using the CPET, a diagnosis can be made when the clinical picture shows symptoms of hypothyroidism but blood tests are normal.

Dr. Len Saputo and Vicki Saputo, RN discuss hypothyroidism with normal blood tests in this short video.

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  • Cardio Pulmonary Exercise Testing
  • Nutritional Assessment
  • Spirometry

For more technical information, please visit COSMEDUSA's CPET page




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