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Somatic Bodywork  

Hanna Somatics is an approach to renewed control of the muscles through use of the voluntary motor system. Somatic Exercises™ will help develop greater flexibility and ease body movements over time. The effects of the exercises are cumulative, meaning the more often you do them the easier it gets and the more flexibility is achieved. Dr. Eleanor Criswell will guide you through exercises with patience and intuition given you a truly body and mind experience.

Somatic Yoga
Whole person development and the actualization of personal potential within the societal context are the goals of Somatic Yoga. Somatic Yoga blends somatics (mind-body integration), hatha yoga, and raja yoga (Patanjali’s yoga) with understandings from neuroscience, applied psychophysiology, and psychology. It is a complete system that provides experiences for the whole person (mind, body, and spirit). Somatic Yoga is a first-person-centered practice. It follows the principle that the more you know and experience neurophysiologically and anatomically/kinesiologically what you are doing, the more integrated your practice will be.

Yoga Exercise with Dr. Eleanor Criswell:

*an excerpt from the 90-min DVD, 'Thinking Allowed'


About Eleanor Criswell, Ed.D.  
Doctor in Educational Psychology
Licensed Psychologist
Certified in Biofeedback

Dr. Eleanor Criswell
is emeritus professor of psychology and former chair of the psychology department at Sonoma State University. Dr. Criswell was a founding director of the Humanistic Psychology Institute, now Saybrook University, San Francisco.

Eleanor Criswell, EdD

She is currently a Distinguished Consulting Faculty member for Saybrook University.

Her books include:
Biofeedback and Somatics: Toward Personal Evolution
How Yoga Works: An Introduction to Somatic Yoga
and she is the editor of Cram’s Introduction to Surface Electromyography.
Editor of Somatics Magazine, the magazine-journal of the mind-body arts and sciences.

Director, Novato Institute for Somatic Research and Training;
 · International Association of Yoga Therapists
 · Somatics Society;
Past-President of:
 · Division 32 Humanistic Psychology of the American Psychological Association
 · Association for Humanistic Psychology
 · Biofeedback Society of California

Originator of Somatic Yoga and Equine Hanna Somatics.

Dr. Criswell is a board member of the Association for Hanna Somatic Education.

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