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Health Medicine Center Article
Women's Health —
Primary Care and Integrative Medicine
by Len Saputo, M.D.
We support women through every phase of their lives at the Health Medicine Center. This is done safely and naturally, focusing on a healthy lifestyle as the foundation for good health. And, of course, we treat the whole person, and do it collaboratively. Our patients have enjoyed great results in guiding them through a wide range of conditions such as PMS, menopause, fibrocystic disease, osteoporosis, heart disease, and many cancers through the use of both high-tech and high-touch strategies.

Our style of practice goes far beyond wellness. High-tech tools such as infrared light therapy and complex nutritional therapies are powerful strategies that relieve most types of pain and accelerate healing naturally. Hormonal balancing is another priority in our approach. By using salivary hormone testing and natural hormone therapies, we provide laboratory-based recommendations to determine estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA, cortisol, and thyroid therapies.

In today’s world, it is challenging to maintain a healthy hormone balance. We live in a sea of synthetic chemicals, our food is laced with hormones and pesticides (many of which are converted in the body into powerful estrogen-like compounds called xeno-estrogens), and many people have been prescribed synthetic estrogens and progesterones for a variety of reasons. HRT is no longer recommended in mainstream practice. More and more soy products, which are loaded with plant estrogens and progesterones, are being consumed. And, we are under a great deal of stress in our everyday lives. All these factors can have a significant detrimental impact on hormone balance. Conditions such as PMS, menopause, fibrocystic breast conditions, osteoporosis, heart disease, and even some cancers, such as those from the breast, ovary, and uterus, are strongly related to estrogen and other hormone levels.

Rather than simply masking the symptoms of PMS, the menopause syndrome, and other female disorders by using synthetic compounds that have problems of their own, it is now possible to look at the precise biochemistry of hormone metabolism, and balance it in a way that was not readily available even a decade ago. Strategies that can make you feel better, take into account the disruption of hormone levels that occur in our toxic environment, and bring you back into the balance that’s right for you are readily available, and also cost-effective.

We pay attention to how our bodies detoxify hormones and to nutritional approaches that can manipulate their levels. For example, by consuming vegetables such as broccoli, kale, cauliflower, and cabbage (cruciferous vegetables), it is possible to reduce the level of toxic forms of estrogen in the body and increase the level of cancer-preventing estrogen. It is also possible to enhance the beneficial flora in the GI tract to reduce the absorption of estrogen-like compounds.

While we are highly focused on strategies related to wellness and prevention, we also believe in the early detection of disease. Many of our programs have been designed to measure risk assessment for heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis, as well as hormonal imbalance. The quality and length of many lives can be ensured by using these approaches.


Health Medicine Center
1620 Riviera Ave
Walnut Creek, CA  94596

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